Dr. Timo Ehmann

Dr. Timo Ehmann – Partner

Professional career

2006 – 2008 PhD student and scholarship holder at the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law (now: Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition); 2005 – 2009 Worked for HML-Rechtsanwälte; 2009 – 2011 Worked at Steinpichler Rechtsanwälte; 2011 – 2013 Worked at SFVD Rechtsanwälte; 2013 – 2018 Partner at Weitnauer Rechtsanwälte; 2019 Foundation ehmann.legal; 2020 Foundation of Ehmann & Ehmann PartG mbB.


Studies at the Universities of Heidelberg and Fribourg; Legal clerkship in Frankenthal and Barcelona, since 2020 specialist lawyer for IT law


Dr. Timo Ehmann advises IT companies on their operational business. This includes advising start-ups, in particular SaaS providers, FinTechs and online marketplaces on the definition and design of business models. As part of his consulting, he drafts customer contracts for IT companies, in particular software license agreements, software as a service and cloud computing contracts as well as complex IT cooperation agreements. In addition, Dr. Ehmann advises on data protection issues and designs data protection models for IT cooperation. Furthermore, he drafts sales partner contracts for resellers, commercial agents and buyers for the structuring of national and international sales.

IT Law

Data protection law

General Terms and Conditions

Consumer protection law

IT project contracts (work/service contract law)

Competition Law, Name Law, Trademark Law


Right to electronic signatures

Financial Supervision

Other activities and publications

Co-author on Beck’sches Formularbuch IT-Recht, (ed. Weitnauer/ Mueller-Stöfen), 4th ed. Munich 2020, commentary on the EU standard contractual clauses, in the original: Mitarbeit am Beck’schen Formularbuch IT-Recht, (Hrsg. Weitnauer/ Mueller-Stöfen), 4. Aufl. München 2020, Kommentierung der EU-Standardvertragsklauseln

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Second basket passed by Bundestag GRUR Int. 2007, 786 f., in the original: Zweiter Korb von Bundestag beschlossen GRUR Int. 2007, 786 f.

Working languages

German and English


Born in Heidelberg in 1977 – grew up in Trier on the Moselle.

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